Custom branded loyalty points

Start a comprehensive audience and customer loyalty program today for free!

Shape standout community moments with Points

You decide the rewards, and we give you the tools to make sure your audience keeps showing up.

Identify and reward your most active fans with earnable and spendable points.

Boost and prolong content engagement by creating gamified campaigns.

Our no-code framework plugs seamlessly into your current marketing tool suite.

Award at scale

Running a business and looking for a unique loyalty solution? AWRD can be tailored to your needs and deployed at any scale.

Loyalty programs shouldn't be complex and expensive

This leads to half-baked campaigns with audiences that remain indifferent and unengaged.

Consumers and brands need a solution that aligns their incentives

Traditional loyalty solutions don't motivate participation or drive desired user behaviors.

We make it fun and easy to redeem engagement rewards

Points connect to where your audiences already are to make engagement an earnable experience.

Integrate AWRD Points into your existing marketing tech stack

Setting up a complex system of qualifying events only takes a few minutes in our web app.

Drive sales by rewarding new and repeat customers

Use our no-code connections to popular e-commerce platforms to make shopping an experience.

Increase engagement with interactive campaigns

Boost your posts with points and give back to your audience when they interact and share your content.

Grow your community and reduce churn

Build audience loyalty to maximize retention with a rewards program that's fun and engaging.

Earn recurring revenue with points

Pre-apply to earn money from sales and subscriptions of your branded points.