Frequently Asked Questions

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AWRD is a very simple but extremely powerful network of creators, collectors, marketers, and brands.

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What is Awardable?

Awardable (aka AWRD) is a platform that allows users to create, collect, and share digital badges and loyalty points. Creators, brands, and marketers are able to connect external accounts and services to create qualifying events for collectors to earn their badges or points.

Who can use Awardable?

Awardable is free and open to all users 13 and older for badges, and 18+ for points. Our more resource consuming features are available exclusively to users on our Pro plan.

What are events?

Events are ways to earn badges and points. They can be social media interactions, quizzes, raffles, and even open edition free-for-alls.

How do I sign up?

Signup is easy! Simply connect a supported account or service, choose a username, accept our terms and policies and then you're in.

Why should I upgrade to Pro?

Our Pro plan is a monthly or yearly recurring upgrade to your Awardable experience that offers things like animated badges, 3D support, less platform limitations, and more.

Do I need a crypto wallet?

Definitely not! Awardable is very much a traditional web product with deep Web3 support. Although you can do things like mint badges onto multiple chains, qualify for events with wallet access, and even use security options like delegate and warm - these are always optional. Whether or not you have a wallet or even know what one is will not impede your ability to create, collect, or share.


Badges are the easiest way to create and collect digital memories.

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What are Badges?

Badges are images, animations, and 3D awesomeness used to commemorate events. They are a fun and safe way to participate in digital collectibles.

What can I do with Badges?

Creators are able to setup qualifying events that can be as simple as clicking collect or more complex through our support of third-party services and applications. Collectors are able to own, interact, gift, or stack their badges to earn others.

How do I create Badges?

Creating badges is simple and only takes a few seconds. Add your artwork, title, and description then you'll be able to set up your first collectible event. Qualifying events can use any of the dozens of integrations we support, or our native suite of tools like raffles or geo fencing.

How do I collect Badges?

In the AWRD app, collecting is easy. Click the Collect button on any badge page to see the current qualifying event. If you have fulfilled its objectives, you'll be able to collect instantly.

How do I share Badges?

Badges that you own or that you have created are able to be gifted from the AWRD app, our API, or our Discord Bot. If you simply want to share your collection with others to see, sharing a link to your profile is an awesome way to show things off.


Custom branded loyalty programs that engage and retain your audiences.

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What are Points?

Points is the easiest way to set up complex audience rewards programs. Award your community for every interaction, engagement, and activation with a few simple clicks. Points uses the same UI and design language as Badges to enable custom-branded loyalty points that anyone can understand.

What can I do with Points?

SO MUCH! On-platform, you can spend points on badges, use them to purchase access to roles with our AWRD Discord bot, and more. Creators can also add value through our various APIs and integrations that make points redeemable off platform.

How do I create Points?

All (18+) users of Awardable can create points just like you would Badges. Upload a graphic to represent your Points, name them, and write a description and then you're able to create your first event for users to earn. From there you can launch more events

How do I earn points?

There are dozens of ways to earn and limitless ways for creators to use them. In the "Events" tab of any points page will show you all of the active ways to earn. Clicking any event will load a screen that lists the qualifiers to be able to claim. If you know you qualify, click the quick claim button in the list and move on the next event!

How can creators sell their points?

Qualified creators are able to sell their custom-branded points on Awardable in one-off and subscription packages. To qualify, creators must verify their identity and eligibility through our compliance partner, Stripe. Creators are paid monthly after platform fees, chargebacks, and any applicable taxes or external fees have been subtracted.