Custom branded loyalty points to reward engagement

Awardable is raising the bar with its Points system, aimed at boosting engagement and building loyalty.
April 18, 2024

This guide breaks down everything you need to know about Awardable Points, showing you how they're changing the game in boosting engagement and loyalty.

Getting to Know Awardable Points

Awardable Points are shaking things up by rewarding audiences in new and exciting ways. They work a lot like the Awardable Badges, rewarding users for getting involved and making contributions, and they fit right into how you interact with your community.

How Points Work

Setting up Awardable Points is super easy but packs a big punch. On the Awardable platform, you get to decide how points are earned, what they’re worth, and what actions earn them. You can customize everything, from the images to the names and descriptions, making the points work just right for your audience.

Advantages of Awardable Points

  • Flexibility: You can use points for tons of stuff, like getting badges or unlocking roles with the AWRD Discord bot.
  • Personal Touch: You’re in charge of how points are earned and what they're worth, letting you connect with your audience on a deeper level.
  • More Ways to Use 'Em: Thanks to API support and integrations, points can be used in and out of the Awardable ecosystem, taking engagement even further.

Cool Ways to Use Points

  • Drive Engagement: Give points for a variety of actions, from social media likes to showing up at events, encouraging more interaction.
  • Level Up Loyalty Programs: Use points to reward buying, referring friends, or just being an active community member.
  • Make It Fun: Add some competition with points, getting your community to engage more through leaderboards and special rewards.

Making the Most of Points

Awardable makes launching a points system straightforward, helping you line up activities that earn points with your engagement goals, ensuring your community does more of what you want.

Taking Loyalty to New Heights with Awardable Points

In today's digital world, having a smart loyalty solution like Awardable Points is key. They offer a flexible, easy-to-use way to reward engagement, setting new standards for what it means to be loyal to a community or brand and encouraging everyone to get involved in a meaningful way.

Awardable Points are leading the way in creating engaging, dynamic loyalty programs. Their ease of integration, flexibility, and customization options make them a go-to for boosting digital loyalty and community engagement. No matter your aim—boosting your loyalty program, encouraging community action, or adding a competitive edge—Awardable Points are a powerful way to hit your engagement targets.

Learn more about this topic

What are loyalty points?

Loyalty points are rewards awarded for engaging with a brand or community, exchangeable for various benefits like discounts, exclusive content, or special event access, fostering a rewarding participation ecosystem.

How can loyalty points increase engagement in my community or platform?

Loyalty points encourage community members to engage more frequently and meaningfully by rewarding activities such as contributions, event attendance, or purchases, thus enhancing overall involvement and loyalty.

What are the best practices for promoting a loyalty points program?

Utilize all communication channels at your disposal—emails, social media, your website—to promote your loyalty points program. Emphasize the advantages of participation, share member success stories, and adjust the program based on feedback to maintain relevance and interest.

How can I keep my loyalty points program engaging over time?

Keep your loyalty program engaging by regularly updating rewards, introducing special challenges or promotions, and soliciting member feedback for improvements. Ensuring that rewards remain appealing and the program dynamic is crucial for long-term engagement.