Boost engagement on your Discord server

Discord communities thrive on engagement and interaction, but sometimes it can be hard to get your members involved in the conversation. With the Server Booster badge, you can incentivize members to boost your server and increase engagement.

To get started, log into Awardable and begin creating your Server Booster badge. Choose an eye-catching image and craft a catchy title and description that highlights the benefits of boosting your server.

Then, select Discord as your integration and Server Booster as your source. Awardable will walk you through the steps to connect to your Discord server.

Once your badge is created and added to your server, encourage members to become boosters by promoting the badge and its perks. When members successfully boost your server, they'll automatically receive the Server Booster badge to display on their Discord profile.

Not only will this boost engagement on your server, but it will also enhance the sense of community and pride among your members. Start using Awardable's Server Booster badge to grow your Discord community and encourage member involvement today.

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