Are you struggling to grow your social media presence? The Combiner source allows you to combine two sources together with simple AND/OR logic, giving you the ability to gain followers across multiple platforms.

Start by creating a badge that represents your brand or content. Then, select the Native integration and the Combiner source. Next, choose the platforms you want to combine, such as Twitter and Spotify, and set your logic. For example, you can set the logic to AND, meaning users must follow both accounts to collect the badge, or OR, meaning users can follow either account to collect the badge.

Promote your badge on both platforms, and watch as your follow counts grow. The Combiner source takes away the challenge of growing followers on multiple platforms and makes it simple and efficient, helping you to reach a broader audience and enhance your social media presence.

Start using The Combiner source today and take the first step towards boosting your social media presence!

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