Build an Engaged Community on Discord

Discord is a great platform to bring together your community, whether it's for gaming, art, or other interests. However, engaging your community and keeping them active can be a challenge. That's where Awardable comes in with its Discord integration and Users source.

With Awardable badges, you can reward your most active and engaged Discord users. First, log in to your Awardable account and create a badge that represents your community's values. Then, add the Discord integration and select the Users source. Enter your Discord server ID and the criteria that qualify someone for the badge - whether it's simply being active or participating in specific discussions.

Now, all that's left is to promote the badge on your Discord server! Mention it in your server rules or announcements channel, and watch as your community becomes more active and engaged. Encourage friendly competition among users to earn the badge, and keep the conversation going.

With Awardable badges, you can build a strong and connected community on Discord, and reward your most loyal members. Try it out today and see the difference it makes in your community!

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