Create custom Badge and Points qualifiers with Awardable's Combiner source

Looking for a way to customize your badge or point qualifiers and create unique challenges for your collectors? Look no further than The Combiner source. With The Combiner, you can combine any two sources with simple AND/OR logic to create your own custom qualifier.

To get started, log in to your Awardable account and select "Create New...". Choose an image that best suits your badge or points. Next, select The Combiner source and choose the logic that makes sense for claiming. Want to require both Geo Location and a Mini Quiz completion to claim your badge or points? Use the AND logic. Want to allow users to claim your badge or points if they're on your Twitter List OR Tweet Interaction? Use the OR logic.

With Awardable's Combiner source, you can create unique and challenging badge and points qualifiers that will keep your audience engaged and motivated. Use your imagination and design badges or points that are tailored specifically to your audience and goals. Start using Awardable's Combiner source today and take your badge and points creation to the next level.

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