Enhance your Discord community with custom badges

Discord is a popular platform for communities to connect and engage with each other, but sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish different members' roles within that community. Our integration with Discord's Roles source is the perfect solution.

To get started with creating your custom badges, simply log in to your Awardable account and start the badge creation process. Choose an image and title that represents the role you want to award, and write a brief description of what that role entails. Then, select Discord as the integration and Roles as the source.

Now, you can start assigning the badge to those members who have earned the particular role within your Discord community. The badge will appear on their profile next to their name, so everyone can see their contribution to the community. This instantly adds an extra layer of engagement in your Discord community and enhances camaraderie.

You can even create multiple badges for different roles and customize them for unique functions within your Discord server. With Awardable's Discord integration, it's now easier than ever to recognize and reward valuable members of your community.

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