Grow your Twitter Spaces audience

If you're looking to expand your Twitter Spaces reach, our Twitter integration has got you covered with its Twitter Spaces source. This source allows you to award Badges and Points to users who attend your Twitter Space, incentivizing them to come back and share the experience with their own followers.

To get started, log in to your Awardable account and create a Badge or Points system that reflects the theme and goals of your Twitter Space. Once you're happy with the design and description, select the Twitter integration and Spaces source. You'll then need to provide the name of the Twitter Space you want to award badges for.

Now you can advertise your Badge or Points rewards to your followers on Twitter. Encourage them to attend your Twitter Space and claim the rewards. This creates a sense of community around your Space and encourages users to return for future events.

The Twitter Spaces source helps you foster a dedicated and loyal audience, increasing engagement, and growing your reach on the platform.

Earn recurring revenue with points

Pre-apply to earn money from sales and subscriptions of your branded points.