Incentivize Bit Leaderboard support

Building a community on Twitch can be difficult, but with our Bit Leaderboard source on Awardable, you can incentivize your top supporters and foster a sense of competition.

Creating a Badge or Points rewards for your top Bit Leaderboard supporters is easy with Awardable. Simply login to your account and select the Twitch integration. From there, select the Bit Leaderboard source, and begin customizing your Badge or Points set-up.

Make sure to incentivize your viewers to climb the Bit Leaderboard for your channel by offering exclusive rewards for the top Bit Leaderboard users. Take advantage of the healthy competition on your channel, and watch your community flourish.

Your fans will love the recognition that comes along with a custom Badge or being able to earn Points for rewards. Promote the Badge or Points rewards on your channel page, social media, and even in your Twitch panels. You will quickly see your Bit Leaderboard supporters rise to the challenge and compete for that coveted Badge or reward Points.

Try our Twitch Bit Leaderboard source today to foster your community's competition and drive engagement among your supporters!

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