NFT collection specific badges

NFT creators and curators can work in tandem with Awardable to create exclusive badges claimable by holders of specific NFT collections. This can be done using Awardable's Web3 integration, which connects the platform to the blockchain and allows verification of NFT ownership.

If an artist creates a series of NFTs around the theme of "Cosmic Creatures," they could also create corresponding badges on Awardable named "Galactic Explorer," "Star Tamer," and so on. Each badge could represent a different NFT within the collection.

Once a user purchases an NFT from the "Cosmic Creatures" collection, they could connect their digital wallet through the Web3 integration. The system would then verify their NFT ownership and allow them to claim their corresponding badge on the Awardable platform.

This use case not only adds another layer of interactivity to NFT collections, but it also provides a way to further engage with and reward the community of collectors. It reinforces the sense of exclusivity and accomplishment associated with owning a particular NFT, making the collection even more appealing to potential buyers.

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