Reward your most loyal fans with exclusive badges and points

Rewarding your most loyal fans is crucial to building a strong community and incentivizing them to continue engaging with your brand. With Awardable's Account Collectors source, you can create exclusive badges or issue points for users who collect a specified quantity of a specified user's pieces.

To get started, login to your Awardable account and navigate to the badge or points creation page. Choose the Account Collectors source and specify the user whose collectors are eligible to claim the badge or points.

Next, set the quantity of pieces a user needs to collect in order to be eligible for the badge or points. This can range from a lower number to reward your most dedicated fans, to a higher number for a more exclusive badge that only a select few will be able to earn.

Finally, customize your badge or points with a unique image and description to make it stand out. Once your badge or points is live, promote it on your social media channels and website to encourage users to start collecting or claiming.

By rewarding your most loyal fans with exclusive badges or points, you'll not only incentivize continued engagement but also foster a strong sense of community around your brand. Start using Awardable's Account Collectors source today to start building stronger relationships with your audience.

Earn recurring revenue with points

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