Show appreciation to your Twitter List members

Creating an engaged and loyal community on Twitter can be challenging, but our Twitter List source can help! With this integration, you can give badges to anyone on your Twitter List to show appreciation for their contributions and foster even more engagement among your followers.

To get started, log into your Awardable account and begin the badge creation process. Once you have designed your badge and added a description, select Twitter as your integration. Choose the Twitter List source and select the Twitter List containing the users you want to reward.

Once your badge is created, it's time to promote it! Share links to claim your badge in your tweets, add it to your bio and encourage others to engage with and share about your brand. By rewarding those who follow and engage with your content through badges, you will be able to foster a loyal community on Twitter that will help grow your brand.

Earn recurring revenue with points

Pre-apply to earn money from sales and subscriptions of your branded points.