Unlock the power of location-based badges and points

Location-based marketing is a highly effective way of driving customer engagement for brick-and-mortar businesses. Awardable's Native integration and Geo Location source can help you tap into this valuable marketing technique and grow your customer base.

To get started, log in to your Awardable account and begin the badge or points creation process. Craft a badge or point system that reflects the values of your business, and select the Native integration and Geo Location source. Enter the location details where you want customers to claim your badge or points, and you're done!

Your customers can now claim your badges or points by physically visiting your location. Use this opportunity to create a unique and engaging customer experience that will leave a lasting impression. Advertise your badges and points on social media, invitation emails or in your store's window to alert customers of this promotion. With Awardable, you have the power to turn any location into a marketing opportunity and incentivize repeat visits.

Earn recurring revenue with points

Pre-apply to earn money from sales and subscriptions of your branded points.