Exploring some lesser known Awardable features

Today, we're highlighting three Awardable features you might not be familiar with. They completely change how engagement is won by adding a fresh, innovative layer of interaction with your community or audience.
April 18, 2024

Although Awardable is well-known for its solid main features, there are some awesome advanced features that don't get enough play, opening up new ways to step up user engagement. Today, we're shining a light on three of these gems—The Combiner, Geo Location Gating, and Secret Links—all ready to take your audience interactions to the next level.

The Combiner: Mixing It Up with Engagement

The Combiner adds a fresh twist to engagement by letting you mix different actions and sources into unique criteria for rewards and badges. It takes the engagement game up a notch from just simple tasks, by challenging users with more complex activities. For example, if you engage on social media and also show up to a Discord event, you could score an exclusive badge, making the whole engagement process more interesting and encouraging users to interact with content in dynamic ways.

Geo Location Gating: Bringing Together Online and In-Person Action

Geo Location Gating is all about mixing online engagement with real-life action. This smart feature lets you give out rewards when users are in specific physical spots, which is awesome for boosting live events, setting up fun scavenger hunts, or adding a special touch to activities that need you to be there in person. By combining digital and real-life experiences, Geo Location Gating brings a fresh twist to how you engage with your audience.

Secret Links: Unlocking Hidden Gems

Secret Links are your ticket to offering exclusive content or special chances that are tucked away behind uniquely coded URLs. They're a neat way to catch your audience's attention, adding a layer of mystery and that exclusive, VIP feel. Perfect for giving a nod to your most loyal fans or adding some zest to your content strategy, Secret Links motivate users to explore more of what you have to offer.

Amping Up Your Impact with Advanced Engagement Features

Getting the most out of these advanced tools means thinking creatively and strategically to match what your audience loves. Here's how you can smoothly blend these features into your engagement plans:

  • Create Diverse Challenges: With The Combiner, put together badges that cover different platforms or activities, pushing for wider and deeper connections with your brand.
  • Make Location Part of the Fun: With Geo Location Gating, set up challenges that are all about where your audience is, making any location a chance to engage.
  • Bring in an Element of Surprise: Use Secret Links to treat your loyal fans to something special and exclusive, adding a dash of mystery and VIP feel to how you connect with your audience.

To Sum It Up

Awardable's cool features are like hidden gems for really connecting with your community in smart and impactful ways. By mixing in The Combiner, Geo Location Gating, and Secret Links into your strategy, you're setting the stage for a more engaging, interactive, and rewarding experience for everyone. These tools not only enhance the engagement process but also spark innovative ways to strengthen community ties. Check out these advanced features of Awardable and take your engagement efforts further.

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