Install our Discord Bot and make your server awesome again!

Create collectible badges and branded loyalty points

Activate, engage, and retain audiences

Award with Badges

Badges are the easiest way to commemorate events, prove attendance, and share digital art with collectors.

Reward with Points

Points allow brands and marketers to create and distribute loyalty rewards for online and in real life events.

Connect the dots, and your apps

AWRD's framework links apps, services, and networks together to create events for your badges and points.

Align incentives with your community

Give your fans, audiences, and collectors opportunities to win with you and watch your reach expand.

Everyone gets a W

Join our community of creators, collectors, marketers, and brands using AWRD in their workflows.

Earn recurring revenue with points

Pre-apply to earn money from sales and subscriptions of your branded points.

Gamify social media engagement with points

Connect AWRD to your social channels and utilize our Post Interaction source to reward anyone who engages with your content.

Give badges to attendees of in-person events

Use our Geo Location source to limit badge collecting to a physical location and share the moment with everyone who was there.

Simplify online event ticketing with the AWRD Discord Bot

Create points-purchasable, temporary roles for your server members to grant access to exclusive channels and content.

Connect with everything

The power of AWRD lies in its seamless integrations with your favorite apps and services. Use these integrations to automate actions and reward your users with or points.

People love AWRD. You will too!

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"Looking for a way to keep your audience engaged and rewarded? Awardable can help, allowing both creation and collecting of unique Badges to reward your fans.  The free tier is actually very powerful, but it's not expensive to add Pro features to take it up a notch!"


"I love seeing @awardable_gg and the dev mafia over at @BUILTBYQUANTUM get the props they deserve. USE THE TECH... THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST"
"Gotta say it was so much simpler than getting a poap approved. Like took me 30 seconds"
"Go check out what awardable_gg is doing to change the game. The team built a simple, intuitive platform that allows you to award your audience with digital collectibles."
"Just discovered awardable_gg - have to say, this is the UX POAPs should have been. Smooth, fun, intuitive. Collected a bunch of badges while being on their site. Definitely feels like a good product."
"I'm telling. Easiest way to build an audience and collector base. Also a much much easier way to get people outside of web3 to know what you got going on in web3."