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Awardable is the social network that harnesses the power of your favorite apps to let you share and earn custom-gated posts with your friends and fans.

Social networking built different

Join exclusive access chatrooms, read content only available for Discord server members, collect badges for attending IRL events, and earn custom branded loyalty points for e-commerce purchases. Just a few examples of ways to interact on AWRD.



Commemorate events, prove your attendance, and collect your friend's digital art. Badges are an addictive way to make participation fun and easy.



Earn points by participating in social challenges, attending IRL events, and more. Spend points to access exclusive content, enter chats, and get discounts on real products.




Read articles that are written for your eyes only by the creators you can't get enough of. AWRD content is the newsletter platform of the future, here today.




Your group chat just got a massive upgrade with AWRD Chat, our newest post type that lets you join and create rooms about anything and everything.

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Discord Bot

Make your Discord server more awesome

Our Discord bot makes your server more fun, secure, and interactive. Award your members in a way that increases engagement, retention, and overall community sentiment. Available for Free and Pro users.

Connect with everything

We are constantly adding new apps and services to our list of integrations to make your AWRD experience even more awesome.

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Users can also spend AWRD Star points to upgrade their accounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Master the basics to get the best out of your AWRD experience.

What is Awardable?

Awardable (aka AWRD) is a platform that allows users to create, collect, and share digital badges and loyalty points. Creators, brands, and marketers are able to connect external accounts and services to create qualifying events for collectors to earn their badges or points.

How do I sign up?

Signup is easy! Simply connect a supported account or service, choose a username, accept our terms and policies and then you're in. Check out our support article for more information.

What can I do with Badges?

Creators are able to setup qualifying events that can be as simple as clicking collect or more complex through our support of third-party services and applications. Collectors are able to own, interact, gift, or stack their badges to earn others.

How can I create a post?

To create a post, use the post-creation area on top of the home feed, or press the + button on the bottom of your screen to open the post-creation window. From there, you'll select the post type, privacy settings, and the information associated with the post like its description and image. This support article has a detailed walkthrough if you need additional help.

What are AWRD Stars?

Stars are the our official points and the only points available from AWRD. These points can be used in exchange for account upgrades, feature unlocks, and to spend on exclusive posts. Users can earn badges by qualifying for events, subscribing to our newsletter, and more.

Who can use Awardable?

Awardable is free and open to all users 13 and older for badges, and 18+ for points. Our more resource consuming features are available exclusively to users on our Pro plan.

Why should I upgrade to Pro?

Our Pro plan is a monthly or yearly recurring upgrade to your Awardable experience that offers things like animated badges, early-access to new features, less platform limitations, and more.

How can creators sell their points?

Qualified creators are able to sell their custom-branded points on Awardable in one-off and subscription packages. To qualify, creators must verify their identity and eligibility through our compliance partner, Stripe. Creators are paid monthly after platform fees, chargebacks, and any applicable taxes or external fees have been subtracted.

How do I show my connected accounts on my profile?

Once you have connected a third-party account, simply toggle the visibility icon next to the connection in the window to publicly display it atop your profile. If at any point you decide you don't want to show it anymore, you can set it to private in the same place. Check out this article for more information.

How can posts be interacted with?

Aside from collecting, claiming, unlocking, or joining, AWRD users are able to like, comment, and share any post that appears in their feed. From the post, users can also view all of the owners, events, and users who have interacted with the post. If you need further assistance, this support article should be a big help.

Still have questions?

Our 24/7 support team can help you out.

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People like us!

There are many ways our users connect with Awardable.

I was drawn to AWRD for its unique approach to exclusive content. It's fascinating to see how different posts can earned and collected.

Carl F.

Joined March 21, 2023

Using badges as part of my customer engagement strategy has been a real win since I joined AWRD in February. I appreciate how simple yet effective this tool is for business owners like me.

Carlos E.

Joined February 29, 2024

AWRD has been a great place for me to showcase my digital art. The audience here is welcoming and engaging.

Rachel K.

Joined January 25, 2024

I got into badge collecting on AWRD just last month and it’s surprisingly addictive. Each badge feels like a little victory and I love showing them off on my profile.

Anita C.

Joined June 5, 2022

I've always been motivated by a sense of achievement, and AWRD's badge system taps right into that.

Fiona L.

Joined April 1, 2024

I love the sense of exclusivity that comes with gated content on Awardable. It’s not just about being part of something; it’s about earning my place there.

Tyler K.

Joined August 1, 2022

Seeing the unique ways other creators use badges and points to craft engaging content inspires me to push my own creative limits.

Ahaan P.

Joined January 15, 2023

I love how personal AWRD feels. It seems like everything from the points to the badges is designed to add real value to our daily interactions.

Kyle R.

Joined December 5, 2021

I’m a big believer in learning through interaction, and Awardable’s gated posts are perfect for this. Engaging with content that requires specific actions for access makes things active and fun.

Luis O.

Joined February 22, 2023